THE PURE AIR TOWER is an interior chimney, made of word or other materials. Its purpose is extracting harmful particles from the air. These particles accumulate over time in indoor spaces and decrease the odor intensity of these. THE PURE AIR TOWER consists of a cabinet and a single use filter cartridge. It is a passive, accessible and practical means to enjoy cleaner air.

The Chimney

The cabinet of the chimney is made of natural materials. It is relatively tall and ensures a proper draught. Openings are provided for at the bottom to enable the air to rise inside the chimney. Besides cleansing the air in your house, the chimney also regulates the different temperature layers in the room and reduces the intensity of ambient odors.

The Cartridge

A single-use filter cartridge fits inside the flue. It should be replaced once a year, and according to the dust load accumulated on the inside walls. It consists of a sleeve, coated inside with natural grease to trap all kinds of micro-dust suspended in the air. Several other barriers are also present. They are also soaked and prevent the air from circulating too freely. This churning enables finer dust particles to settle too inside the filter.


Indoor pollution is present in most buildings. We are all concerned since, on average, a human being breathes 15m³ air in and out every day. This is a large volume and some target groups are more sensitive than others to pollutants, with thyroid hypersensitivity, asthma, allergies and other ailments as a result.


This condition makes it difficult to breathe and has been known since antiquity. Asthma sufferers must be aware of their environment and take care of the quality of the air they breathe. Filtering the air with THE PURE AIR TOWER to remove most of suspended particles produces cleaner air and improves the breathing capacity of asthma patients.


A large proportion of the population suffers from miscellaneous allergies. The most common ones are pollen-related allergies, directly linked to the particles suspended in the air. By filtering and reducing the amount of such particles, the air is less saturated and therefore the number of allergens breathed in per hour also drops.


Our grand-parents

The era of waxed wood furniture is long past. Nowadays, modern furniture is made of oil-based materials, which degrade slowly but considerably.

In olden days, our grand-parents used to clean their living spaces with a lot of water and greasy soap that neutralised fine dust very effectively. Nowadays, a wet rag is the word, but this does not churn the air properly and suspended particles are not taken away in the water.

Indoor pollution

When we live in areas exposed to air pollution, roadside pollution, household and industrial pollution, a huge number of particles can be trapped with dust in the atmosphere inside buildings.


Fine particles are unfortunately well known in cancer pathology, at all levels: conditions of the airways, liver, heart, immune system, rheumatism problems at a young age, skeletal pathologies, as well as fibromyalgia.

Apparently, these issues are only being discovered now by healthcare specialists who still don’t recognise their cause, probably due to ignorance or maybe for economic reasons.

Direct access

The cause can therefore very well be the presence of different harmful chemicals: heavy metals, which are well known as persistent organic contaminants (mercury, arsenic, chrome, barium, lead, cadmium, etc..), PVC, and a whole range of substances contained in different materials. These pollutants are often protected by standards, which give them direct access to our living environment.