Public buildings

Indoor air pollution

The house is not only the living space we spend our days in. Between school and extracurricular activities, our children spend most of their time in buildings that are completely closed off for safety reasons when they are unoccupied. Because of the slow decay of the interior materials, air toxicity in these buildings sometimes reach very high levels due to fine dust particles and bacteria transported by them.

If buildings that are being used on a day-to-day basis are contaminated, then village halls, sports halls, public changing rooms and many others that are frequented less regularly are targeted in particular.

Passive system

Using an entirely passive system, therefore requiring no power supply at all, our patented Pure Air Tower makes it possible to cleanse the air and remove most suspended particles, but also to remove musty odours generally found in closed buildings. Of course, the Pure Air Tower does not manufacture oxygen, and therefore effective ventilation in addition to the use of our chimney will always be necessary to ensure superior air quality.


Waxed vinyl

Waxing of vinyl flooring in hospitals, medical centres and retirement homes is frequently used to “trap” the toxins present in the air. However, only those that enter into contact with these surfaces are caught.

Gentle mixing

With its patented passive air filtration system, thanks to its size and shape, the Pure Air Tower produces draught without power consumption and without making any noise. The chimney lightly churns the air, enabling the air that passes through the coated filters to be cleansed of fine air-borne dust and particles.

Pure Air Tower dans un champ


Workers concerned

Even with the usual high-performance ventilation systems, air toxicity in industry, storage warehouses and production sites is usually neglected. These are sensitive locations and workers are directly affected.

Reduced toxicity

With the Pure Air Tower, this toxicity can be reduced passively thanks to a filter cartridge system. Moreover, models specific for these types of buildings are now available.

Pure Air Tower dans un champ

Real lung

Similar conception

The filter cartridges of our chimneys are coated in a greasy substance. This enables them to work in a way similar to lungs. Thanks to this design, cleansing the air becomes useful and can be considered in a whole range of projects, thanks to its scalable system.

Multiple uses

By adjusting the multiple filters, it is absolutely possible to cleanse a contaminated building. Moreover, once used, the filters can be analysed by a lab to enhance air quality, but also to detect the presence of toxins or hydrocarbons, even outdoors. This turns the Pure Air Tower into a watchdog.

Intensive use

In some cases of intensive use, the system can be mechanised by adding electrical ventilation. This version of the Pure Air Tower is useful, a/o on certain construction sites, e.g. where insulation is being installed. The chimney traps the largest dust particles released by the handling and laying of the materials.

Pure Air Tower dans un champ

Pure Air Tower, a passive system

Redesigned model

This new model of the Pure Air Tower combines the patented system of the original model with re-engineered materials and dimensions.

Wall, plinth or shelf-mounted, this chimney is aimed at commercial and public buildings. It is installed at a certain height off the floor to create a better draught. The filter cartridge in the bottom of the holder can be replaced easily by removing the clip or pin.

Tailored to your needs

The height of the ducts can vary according to different factors and will be calculated according to the height of the room and its area. Sometimes, several towers are required.

Une esthétique conservée

On this model, the aesthetic aspect was not forgotten. Metal and even painted versions are available, like bodywork on cars, so that it fits in with the interior decoration of the offices, workshops, school or other public buildings.